Services offered

NSSM has a strong focus on keeping you healthy.  Often this involves correcting an imbalance due to an injury.  Treatment of musculoskeletal injuries is the main service provided at NSSM.

Clinical services

Patients wanting to see an SEM physician must have a referral from another doctor requesting treatment for that particular condition.  Although referrals from allied health practitioners are welcome these will not enable the patient to get a Medicare rebate for services provided by an  SEM physician.

Initial consults usually last for between half and one hour, depending on the complexity of the problem and any associated complications or other illnesses that might be present but not seemingly related to the injury.  For example, some asthmatics can not take even simple anti-inflammatories such as Nurofen without risk of making their asthma worse.  Some heart medications reduce how much a person can exercise.  And some lipid medications cause muscle pain even without any injury.

Because of the above a comprehensive history and examination is required at the first consultation.

Investigative services

SEM can order MRI’s for their patients that are eligible for Medicare rebates.  The Nepean and surrounding areas also have many high quality radiology practices where low dose CT scanning, bone scanning, bone mineral density assessment, and ultrasound can be performed.  Often tests other than MRI’s can be bulk billed.

DR Boundy is also trained and accredited in the use of ultrasound so he is able to perform and interpret a scan for you while you are at the consulting rooms, avoiding the need to travel away for a scan and return later for a further consult.

Treatment services

SEM physicians are fully qualified doctors who have undertaken a minimum of four years specialist training in SEM.  As such they can prescribe medications, give injections, and admit to hospital patients with serious problems.  They can also refer to allied health practitioners such as physiotherapists, podiatrists, dieticians, and massage therapists.  After 10 years serving the Nepean area and the Western plains  the doctors at NSSM have a very good idea of the best person to help treat your problem wherever you might come from.

Injection services

Both SEM physicians at NSSM are fully trained in the use of injections to target treatment most effectively.  Patients can be injected with a range of treatments from something as simple as local anaesthetic, through to Cortisone, Prolotherapy, and Platelet Rich Plasma.

Before patient’s are given an injection they have the proposed benefits and possible risks of the injection explained so they can sign an informed consent.  Dr Boundy’s injections are almost always given using ultrasound guidance to improve accuracy and reduce risk further.

Free Educational Seminars

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