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What is treated at Nepean Specialist Sports Medicine?

Nepean Specialist Sports Medicine has a strong focus on keeping you healthy.  Often this involves correcting an imbalance due to an injury or accelerated wear and tear.  Treatment of musculoskeletal injuries is the main service provided at Nepean Specialist Sports Medicine.

SEM physicians can also advise you of your fitness for a new activity before you undertake it.  Nepean Specialist Sports medicine is a service provider to athletes from both NSWIS and the AIS and is able to perform screening exams for eligible athletes.

Lastly, SEM Physicians can help you optimise your training for improved performance, or assist with your rehabilitation after surgery or injury.

At Nepean Specialist Sports Medicine we do not treat injuries related to Motor Vehicle Accidents.

Do I need a referral?

Yes.  Patients wanting to see an SEM physician must have a referral from another doctor requesting treatment for that particular condition.  Although referrals from allied health practitioners are welcome these will not enable the patient to get a Medicare rebate for services provided by an SEM physician.

Private patients need a referral for the particular condition(s) needing treatment from their GP.  WorkCover patients need a referral from their NTD and pre-approval from their insurer.  AIS/NSWIS athletes should contact reception to see whether they need a referral from their GP or from the AIS or NSWIS.

If I am coming from Interstate can my own doctor refer me?


How long does a consultation take?

Initial consults usually last for between half and one hour, depending on the complexity of the problem and any associated complications or other illnesses that might be present but not seemingly related to the injury.  For example, some asthmatics cannot take even simple anti-inflammatories such as Nurofen without risk of making their asthma worse.  Some heart medications reduce how much a person can exercise.  And some lipid medications cause muscle pain even without any injury.

Because of the above a comprehensive history and examination is required at the first consultation.

Review consultations usually take no more than 30 minutes.

What investigations should I bring?

Bring any investigations you have had already with you but do not try to guess what investigations will be needed or arrange for your own investigations.  If further investigations are needed you will be advised of this at your consultation.

SEM Physicians can order MRI’s for their patients that are eligible for Medicare rebates.  The Nepean and surrounding areas also have many high quality radiology practices where low dose CT scanning, bone scanning, bone mineral density assessment, and ultrasound can be performed.  Often tests other than MRI’s can be bulk billed.

What kinds of treatment are offered?

At NSSM the treatment offered depends on the type and severity of the injury and the needs of the patient.  Apart from the usual treatment a doctor can provide soft tissue injuries can be treated with Cortisone, Prolotherapy, Platelet rich plasma, or Regenexx SCP.  Depending on the cause, painful joints can be treated with the above treatments or Regenexx SD.

What is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is the injection of a sugar solution and local anaesthetic into injured tissue.  At Nepean Specialist Sports Medicine this is used to treat ligament, tendon, and joint capsule injuries.  In a study done looking at 150 patients treated at NSSM with Prolotherapy 70% reported complete relief of their symptoms or a return to their previous level of activity without any further problems.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is blood that has been centrifuged to separate the cells from the remaining fluid.  This fluid is called plasma.  It contains most of the platelets from the original blood sample.  Platelets contain many chemicals that assist with tissue growth and healing.

What is Regenexx SCP?

Regenexx SCP is an advanced  form of PRP that is prepared in a purpose built laboratory.  The plasma is much richer in platelets and totally free of the blood cells that can cause inflammation – See  Each dose of SCP is prepared by a technician who has been trained in America by Regenexx at their main research facility in Denver Colorado.  At the time of injection some of the platelets are “activated” to promote the rapid release of the factors within and thus start the healing process.

What is Regenexx SD?

Regenexx SD is a stem cell treatment that helps reduce pain from damage to cartilage within the joint, whether this is due to osteoarthritis or an acute injury.  It is a minimally invasive treatment that does not require surgery to the joint.

If  Regenexx SD is a non surgical treatment for joints why do I need to go into hospital for a day?

The rules and regulations in Australia are slightly different to those in America.  Here the harvesting of bone marrow is done in an operating theatre to minimise the risk of infection or other complication.  Although in some cases the procedure can be performed under local anaesthesia, Dr Boundy’s patients have a general anaesthetic to further reduce the chance of the stem cells coming into contact with local anaesthetic.  Local anaesthetic is toxic to stem cells. To learn more, read these two resources:

Patients having the SD procedure will be fine to go home on the day of the procedure.

Who is Regenexx?

Regenexx has been developing stem cell procedures for over 7 years.  They are the longest running commercial provider of these treatments in the USA.  They have the longest running series of safety data, with over 300 patients monitored for more than 5 years to ensure there have been no long term side effects from treatment with autologous (a patient’s own) stem cells.  Dr Chris Centeno’s publications are often quoted by other stem cell providers who do not have such extensive experience treating patients.

How will I know which treatment is best for me?

Each person is different.  Each injury is subtly different and each person’s expectations are different.  The doctors at Nepean Specialist Sports Medicine can assess your injury and your needs and recommend treatment appropriate to your injury and your budget.

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