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We offer a range of Regenexx Procedures designed to treat a broad range of orthopedic conditions. Below you will find an explanation of the different procedures.


Regenexx-SD is a same-day, bone marrow aspirate derived stem cell procedure. Mesenchymal stem cells are harvested from the patient’s bone marrow and then isolated in a lab environment. By adding a proprietary Super Concentrated Platelet mix of PRP (slow release growth factors) and platelet lysate (immediately available growth factors), we are able to get adult stem cells to grow many times better than with PRP or platelet lysate alone. Lab tests have shown that we can get more stem cells to grow with Regenexx-SD than any other same day procedure using bone marrow stem cells. The concentrated cell and platelet solution is injected back into the precise area of injury using imaging guidance – fluoroscopy and musculoskeletal ultrasound – to ensure the stem cells are placed with a high degree of accuracy to poduce the best possible patient outcomes.


Regenexx-SCP is a superior form of today’s well-known Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP. Regenexx-SCP contains a much higher concentration of platelets than PRP. It is created in a lab, rather than an automated bedside centrifuge, which ensures the mixture is as pure and effective as possible. Regenexx-SCP patients rarely experience post-injection flareups that are frequently seen with standard PRP.


Platelets slowly release their growth factors in a timed release fashion to help healing. However, there are times when the physician wants all of the growth factors contained in platelets immediately available to the area to prompt healing. In addition, there are areas of the body where using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) may cause too much inflammation. Regenexx-PL is created by cracking open the platelets to allow all of the growth factors to be immediately available within the patient’s body.

Note: We do not treat backs and spines.

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