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Dr Kevin Boundy


Past president Australasian College of Sports and Exercise Physicians

Ex Australian Paralympic and Winter Paralympic Team Physician

Dr Boundy graduated from Flinders University in 1985.​ On graduating he joined the Navy, spending time on surface ships, in submarines, and as the Senior Surgical Officer in the Naval Hospital at HMAS Penguin. While Officer In Charge of the Navy’s School of Underwater Medicine and medical director of the Navy’s Hyperbaric Unit, he qualified as a Navy Diver.

Since leaving the Navy Dr Boundy has been a partner at Sydney Sports Medicine Centre and worked at Central West Orthopaedic and Sports Injuries. He has worked as a Consultant in Rehabilitation to the Department of Defence and Workplace Injury Management Services. In 2003 he founded Nepean Specialist Sports Medicine at the foot of the Blue Mountains.

He has been the doctor for the Australian Paralympic Ski Team, and was the only Sports and Exercise Physician to be a part of the Australian Paralympic Team for Sydney 2000.  He was awarded the Australian Sports Medal for his services to Athletes with Disabilities.  He has provided medical services to a range of AIS and NSWIS teams, NRL teams, and Soccer Australia.

His further studies have included a Graduate Diploma in Exercise and Sports Science (Syd) and a Masters of Sports Medicine at the Australian Institute of Sport.  In 2002 he was awarded Fellowship of the Australasian College of Sports & Exercise Physicians (ACSEP). He is a clinical lecturer at Sydney University Medical School, Nepean, and an accredited Clinical Training supervisor with ACSEP. He has published a book chapter on Diving Medicine and various journal articles on Diving Medicine and Sport for Athletes with Disabilities. He has served on numerous committees within ACSEP and in 2014 was elected President of the College.

Dr. Boundy is the only physician in Australia, and the first outside of North America, to be licensed to offer the Regenexx family of Regenerative Medicine Procedures for musculoskeletal injuries and arthritis.

Dr Michael Jamieson

Dr Michael Jamieson


Immediate Past -President of the Australasian College of Sports and Exercise Physicians

Ex Wallabies Team Physician

Dr Michael Jamieson is an Australian trained Sport and Exercise Physician and a Fellow of both Australasian and the United Kingdom Colleges of Sport and Exercise Medicine. He specialises in musculoskeletal conditions, traumatic and overuse injuries. He also is interested in Health and Wellness including exercise prescription.

He completed his Bachelor of Medicine at the University of Newcastle in 1988. He subsequently completed Advanced Training in Sport and Exercise Medicine and obtained his Fellowship of the Australasian College of Sports Physicians in 1998.

Internationally, Dr Jamieson undertook two Fellowships in Sport and Exercise Medicine. The first – at the University of Calgary working with Canadian Winter Olympic Teams and Varsity Athletes. The second – at Stanford University, California where he worked with Varsity athletes and developed a process for comprehensive Multi-station Athletic Screening.

Michael has published in the field of Objective Assessment of Concussed Athletes.

Dr Jamieson has worked as the Club Doctor for St George Rugby League Football Team from 1996 to 1999 inclusive. He was the Team Doctor for the Wallabies, the Australian Rugby Union Team from 2000 to 2004 inclusive. Dr Jamieson is a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Medicine at the University of Western Sydney.

He is immediate Past -President of the Australasian College of Sports Physicians and a member of the Australian Medical Association. Presently Dr Jamieson has Consultancy Roles with South32, Glencore. He is the Medical Director of JJ Richards, Ceres Ag Pastoral and Kone Australasia. Dr Jamieson is the Clinical Director of the Hurstville Musculoskeletal Institute.

Dr Michael Giummarra

Dr Michael Giummarra


Sports Medicine Registrar

Dr Michael Giummarra graduated from his post-graduate medical degree at Deakin University in 2012. He then went on to complete his internship and residency at the Royal Melbourne Hospital; gaining experience in the specialty of Orthopaedic Surgery. He has since commenced work at Nepean Specialist Sports Medicine in 2017 as an accredited registrar with the Australasian College of Sports and Exercise Physicians. Michael has also completed a Bachelor in Biomedical Science at the University of Melbourne.

Michael is the current team doctor for the Canterbury Bulldogs NSW Cup Rugby League teams. He has held previous roles including Chief Doctor at Coburg Lions VFL team in 2015 and 2016, team doctor for the Northern Knights AFL TAC cup in 2015 as well as provided game day coverage for Hume City FC in the FFA cup.
His further studies have included a Diploma in Children’s Health through Westmead University as well as research into the artificial augments used in ligament reconstruction of multi-ligament knee injuries.

Michael is passionate about helping athletes to achieve their greatest sporting potential through safe exercise and recovery regimes, whilst promoting health and wellness to the general public.

SEM Physicians

SEM Physicians are fully qualified doctors who have undertaken a minimum of four years specialist training in SEM. As such they can prescribe medications, give injections, and admit patients with serious problems to hospital. They also understand the role of allied health practitioners such as physiotherapists, podiatrists, and dieticians, ensuring timely and appropriate referrals when needed.
SEM Physician training covers the physical needs of special groups from the very young to the very old. They understand that women and men are different, and that women who are pregnant still want to have an active life. They understand people with disabilities still have abilities, and that each person has a “personal best”.

SEM Physician training looks at the impact of illness, and its treatment, on the ability to exercise, and exercise as a treatment for illness and the maintenance of good health.

Sports and Exercise Physicians have extensive training in the causes and management of pain, whether due to something as simple as a sprained ankle, or as complex as a damaged nerve.    They are also trained in the biomechanics of the human body and the links between all the muscles and the joints, what is known as the kinetic chain, so they understand why your aching knee is now being complicated by lower back pain, or why you are having more headaches since your recent shoulder injury.

The other side of a Sports and Exercise Physician’s work is understanding the physiology of the extremely fit. If you are training just as hard as you used to but not getting the results you once did it could be because medication you are taking is reducing your performance. It could be that the colourful new running shoes you bought are not well suited to your high arched feet. It might be the exercise program you were given in the gym is only strengthening the muscles you see in the mirror, and not your core muscles, leaving your body out of balance.

Whatever the reason, if you are not moving with the ease you once did, a Sports and Exercise Physician can help diagnose and treat the cause of your problem, and tailor an individual treatment to suit your lifestyle.

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