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Sports and Exercise Physicians – keeping you at your best so you get more out of life.

Nepean Specialist Sports Medicine (NSSM) is a Specialist Medical Practice staffed by physicians who specialise in the field of Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM).  We are also Australia’s first Regenexx Network Provider, offering advanced stem cell therapy and blood platelet procedures for joints injuries and osteoarthritis. SEM Physicians do an extensive training course once they have become fully qualified doctors to learn how the body functions at its best, and to help their patients maximise their potential physical ability.  Put simply, we help healthy people get more out of their life.

SEM Physicians are fully qualified doctors who have undertaken a minimum of four years specialist training in SEM.  As such they can prescribe medications, give injections, and admit patients with serious problems to hospital.  They also understand the role of allied health practitioners such as physiotherapists, podiatrists, and dieticians, ensuring timely and appropriate referrals when needed.

SEM Physician training covers the physical needs of special groups from the very young to the very old.  They understand that women and men are different, and that women who are pregnant still want to have an active life.  They understand people with disabilities still have abilities, and that each person has a “personal best”.

SEM Physician training looks at the impact of illness, and its treatment, on the ability to exercise, and exercise as a treatment for illness and the maintenance of good health.

Sports and Exercise Physicians have extensive training in the causes and management of pain, whether due to something as simple as a sprained ankle, or as complex as a damaged nerve.    They are also trained in the biomechanics of the human body and the links between all the muscles and the joints, what is known as the kinetic chain, so they understand why your aching knee is now being complicated by lower back pain, or why you are having more headaches since your recent shoulder injury.

The other side of a Sports and Exercise Physician’s work is understanding the physiology of the extremely fit.  If you are training just as hard as you used to but not getting the results you once did it could be because medication you are taking is reducing your performance.  It could be that the colourful new running shoes you bought are not well suited to your high arched feet.  It might be the exercise program you were given in the gym is only strengthening the muscles you see in the mirror, and not your core muscles, leaving your body out of balance.

Whatever the reason, if you are not moving with the ease you once did, a Sports and Exercise Physician can help diagnose and treat the cause of your problem, and tailor an individual treatment to suit your lifestyle.